Rax King with Daniel Lavery: TACKY

Rax King with Daniel Lavery: TACKY

Wednesday, November 03, 2021 - 8:30PM ET
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Celebrate the release and celebration of all thing Tacky with author Rax King, in conversation with Daniel M. Lavery!

This is a free event, but the first 25 book orders will include a SIGNED BOOKPLATE!

Tacky: Love Letters to the Worst Culture We Have to Offer

An irreverent and charming debut essay collection about the joys of low pop culture and bad taste, exploring coming of age in the 2000s in the age of Hot Topic, Creed, and frosted lip gloss—from the James Beard Award-nominated writer of the Catapult column "Store-Bought Is Fine," Tacky is about the power of pop culture—like any art—to imprint itself on our lives and shape our experiences, no matter one's commitment to "good" taste. These fourteen essays are a nostalgia-soaked antidote to the millennial generation's obsession with irony, putting the aesthetics we hate to love—snakeskin pants, Sex and the City, Cheesecake Factory's gargantuan menu—into kinder and sharper perspective.

The result is a collection that captures the personal and generational experience of inding joy in caring just a little too much with clarity, heartfelt honesty, and Rax King's trademark humor.

Rax King is a James Beard award-nominated writer and host of the podcast Low Culture Boil. Her writing can be found in Glamour, MEL Magazine, Catapult, and elsewhere. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her hedgehog and toothless Pekingese.

Moderator Daniel M. Lavery is the author of Something That May Shock and Discredit You, the creator of The Chatner newsletter, and a co-founder of The Toast.