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WBUR CitySpace: Dan Buettner

WBUR CitySpace: Dan Buettner

Wednesday, December 07, 2022 - 6:30PM ET
Event address: 
WBUR CitySpace
890 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

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Remarkable Science: Living to 100 with Blue Zones author Dan Buettner

We’re living in a time of scientific discovery and achievement that is, well, remarkable. In this monthly series, host Meghna Chakrabarti will take your questions in deep dive discussions with researchers, scientists and innovators offering audiences access to what’s behind incredible scientific advances in a region world renowned as a hub of science and technology.

It might seem like an unbelievable achievement when you read a headline about the oldest person in the world. However, research suggests humans can and should be living a lot longer than current global averages. Dan Buettner, a journalist, author and National Geographic Fellow, has spent more than a decade scouring the globe with a team of anthropologists, demographers and epidemiologists to discover what are now called Blue Zones — five locations with high concentrations of centenarians. Buettner has spoken about and written extensively on what he has uncovered on how these communities can live so long. Join On Point host Meghna Chakrabarti for a conversation with Buettner as the first part of our miniseries on longevity.

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