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WBUR CitySpace: Margaret Li and Irene Li

WBUR CitySpace: Margaret Li and Irene Li

Tuesday, May 30, 2023 - 6:30PM ET
Event address: 
WBUR CitySpace
890 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

Curated Cuisine: Food waste feast with “Perfectly Good Food” cookbook authors Margaret and Irene Li

Curated Cuisine is a monthly series examining all things edible, from the chefs cooking the food to the writers reviewing the recipes. Meet the people shaping the food industry, both local and national and enjoy a post-show bite inspired by the conversation.

Before you throw out almost-expired milk, wrinkly fruit, or squishy vegetables learn all the ways you can use those ingredients in delicious stir-fries, smoothies and pancakes! Margaret and Irene Li, the acclaimed chef-sisters behind Mei Mei Dumplings, have written “Perfectly Good Food: A Totally Achievable Zero Waste Approach to Home Cooking.” They’ll discuss how to cook flexibly and fight food waste.

WBUR environment and climate correspondent Barbara Moran moderates the conversation, featuring an onstage demonstration of how to make a food waste feast. In-person guests will enjoy a bite from the book after the conversation.

About “Perfectly Good Food”

You’re standing in front of your refrigerator, a week after your last trip to the supermarket. You’ve got a bunch of random veggies, some wrinkly fruit, near-expired milk, and those pricey fresh herbs you bought for that one recipe and don’t know how to use up. For a split second you picture yourself opening a trash bag, throwing everything away, and ordering takeout. We’ve all been there.

But instead…you pick up this cookbook. In no time you’ve prepared a Make-It-Your-Own Stir-Fry and How-You-Like-It Savory Pancakes, plus a Mix-and-Match Fruit Galette that you’ll have for dessert. Time to celebrate?you’re saving food, shrinking that grocery bill and learning some key skills for making the most of what you have. It’s exciting to be able to create new dishes and waste less food, and most importantly?a delicious dinner is on the table!

“Perfectly Good Food” is a book for those moments everyone has, whether you cook for one or a whole household?moments standing before an overfull pantry or near-empty fridge, not sure what to do with an abundance of summer tomatoes or the last of the droopy spinach. Chock-full of ingenious use-it-up tips, smart storage ideas, and infinitely adaptable recipes, this book will teach you:-why smoothies are your secret weapon-how to freeze (almost) anything-why using your senses in the kitchen (including common sense!) is more important than so-called shelf-lifeWritten by the chef-sisters behind Boston’s acclaimed Mei Mei Dumplings, this cookbook/field guide is a crucial resource for the thrifty chef, the environmentally mindful cook and anyone looking to make the most of their ingredients.