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Adam Savage in conversation with Randall Munroe

MythBusters’ Adam Savage—author, Discovery Channel star and one of the most beloved figures in science and tech—celebrates the release of Every Tool’s a Hammer: Life Is What You Make It. Attendees will receive a FREE autographed copy of Savage’s new book.

Adam Savage is a maker. From Chewbacca’s bandolier to a thousand-shot Nerf gun, he has built thousands of spectacular projects as a special effects artist and the co-host of MythBusters. He is also an educator, passionate about instilling the principles of making in the next generation of inventors and inspiring them to turn their curiosity into creation.

In his practical and passionate new guide Every Tool’s a Hammer, Adam weaves together vivid personal stories, original sketches and photographs from some of his most memorable projects, and interviews with many of his iconic and visionary friends in the arts and sciences—including Pixar director Andrew Stanton, Nick Offerman, Oscar-winner Guillermo Del Toro, artist Tom Sachs, and chef Traci Des Jardins—to demonstrate the many lessons he has picked up from a lifetime of making.

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