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Hallie Ephron in conversation with Kathy Vines

Careful What You Wish For

Emily Harlow makes a living decluttering peoples’ lives, but she’d love nothing better than to toss out all her husband’s crap. The larger his “collection” becomes, the deeper the distance grows between the couple. Luckily Emily’s got new clients to distract herself: an elderly widow whose husband left behind a mysterious storage unit, and a young wife whose husband won’t allow her possessions into their house. Emily’s meeting with the young wife takes a detour when, after too much wine, the two fantasize about life without their hoarder-spouses. But the next day Emily finds herself in a mess that might be too big for her to clean up.

Hallie Ephron is the New York Times bestselling author of Never Tell a Lie, Come and Find Me, There Was an Old Woman, and Night Night, Sleep Tight. For twelve years she was the crime fiction reviewer for the Boston Globe. The daughter of Hollywood screenwriters, she grew up in Beverly Hills, and lives near Boston, Massachusetts.