Past Event

Virtual Event: Sarah Smith's Titanic Party!

Please note that we had previously listed the event as taking place on 4/16, its original date. The event will take place on the 4/19!

Brookline author Sarah Smith celebrates her new novel CRIMES AND SURVIVORS with a virtual Titanic party, sponsored by Brookline Booksmith! This virtual party will feature costumes, Morse code, book reading and more.

Check out the link to see the full itinerary.

The party begins at 5PM--Sarah's reading and Q&A will take place at 8:30.

The book

This is 1912. America is the land of Jim Crow, of lynchings and prejudice.And you've just discovered that the grandfather you barely know may be passing for white. You have a husband, a child, a family. You can't be black. You don't know how. You follow him onto the newest, safest, biggest ship in the world. You plead with him to tell you the truth. But after the iceberg, you find the truth is far more complicated than you thought. And more dangerous...

Sarah Smith holds a B.A. and a Ph.D. in English literature, both from Harvard. She was an Assistant Professor of English for several years before going to work in the computer industry. She has worked for

Lisp Machines Inc., Bachman Inc., ITP Systems, Inc., and Effective Educational Tech, which was acquired by Pearson Education in 2006.

Click on the book image to buy a copy--and then

<strong>head over to this link</strong> to request a signed postcard from Sarah!

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