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Booksmith Exclusive Gift Card

Brookline and Booksmith have been journeying side by side since 1961. For more than six decades we have aimed to be a compass for those who find comfort, enrichment, and joy in books. You can share the Booksmith experience, in person and online, with a Brookline Booksmith Gift Card!

Our minimum online Gift Card sale amount is $10, but you can enter a custom amount in the box, to a maximum of $200. For larger amounts, please contact us at 617-566-6660.  The "From" and "To" fields are required.

There is no shipping charge for Gift Cards.

To check the balance of your current Booksmith Gift Card, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Gift Cards are NOT digital. They are physical cards. We cannot email them to a recipient.

Minimum: $10.00
Maximum: $200.00
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