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Stick Figure Amy: It’s Hard Being A Book Person Who Loves Weather

by Amy
Snow! Wait. But the books!

Stick Figure Amy: Blind date With a Book is Back!

by Amy
It really is great. Sorry about the heavy breathing.

Magical New England

by Alex S
Local fantasy flavor for middle grade readers.

Picture books for love, safety, beauty

by Alex S
For when someone small (or large) needs a quick dose of the good in this world.

I Want It Several

by Alex S
Being young, reading books, and loving things so much that all isn’t enough.

Sometimes It’s Better to Just Put the Book Down For a Second

by Amy

A Bookseller’s Guide to (a few) Costumes

by Clarissa
But which to choose?!

Fall of the Dumps (or, an Avalanche of Kid Faves)

by Alex S
We get a lot of books in the autumn.

Hidden Covers, Part I

by Alex S
We wish always to have as much fun as children’s book designers.

Brookline Booksmith and the Cursed Child

by Alex S
What to expect at the Booksmith on Saturday 7/30–the night Harry Potter returns.

All Students Are To Gather In The Great Hall.

by Paul
This coming Saturday, July 30th at 9pm, a local muggle bookstore will be preparing a special Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Midnight Release Party.

Stick Figure Amy Has Great Ideas: Harry Potter Edition

by Amy
I still feel like this is a valid way to countdown to our Midnight Release Party of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child but I was outvoted.

Alex is Reading: Everything Since Children’s Institute

by Alex S
Highlights of post-conference reading spree.
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