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Brookline Booksmith and the Cursed Child

by Alex S

Two days from now, where will you be?

You will probably all be here, at the Booksmith, celebrating J.K. Rowling’s triumphant dramatic return to the world of Harry Potter. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a two-part play currently in previews at the Palace Theatre, London, a nineteen-years-later continuation of the seven original books. Heinously, we can’t all go to London; for us, however, there’s the book! The printed version of the script is coming out on the stroke of midnight, Sunday, July 31.

We will be kicking off the book with a good old-fashioned midnight release party, with festivities starting at 9P.M. on Saturday. You should absolutely join us! Read on for more information about what we’re doing (and what you can therefore also do).


  • You can preorder the book or purchase at our release party for 20% off the cover price. This discount only applies to preorders (picked up at any time) and books purchased in the store between 12 midnight and closing on Saturday night.
  • Starting at 8:30A.M. on Saturday, go to the front register to receive a numbered wristband that reserves your spot in line to purchase the book.
  • At 9P.M. on Saturday, the party begins! See the table at the front door to get sorted into your correct house (remember, it’s what you feel that matters most). The party is free and open to all!


What is the point of being sorted if you can’t compete against the other, much less awesome houses? House points are won by participating in trivia, arriving in costume, finishing crosswords and word searches, and finding the items in our scavenger hunt.

You can also get points by sharing on social media. Get 2 for each post on social media using #BBPotterParty and 3 for each post you make from our photobooth using #BBPotterParty.

(P.S. You can find us on Twitter at @booksmithtweets and @kidsmithbooks, on Instagram @brooklinebooksmith, and on Facebook!)

You’ll report to the Info desk facing the front door any time you have points to claim.


  • KIDS’ SECTION: Head here for word searches, crosswords, a fairly awesome coloring page of Harry standing in front of a dragon.
  • DOWNSTAIRS: Consume Harry Potter-themed treats.
  • UPSTAIRS: Celebrate how great you are with props at our photobooths! Find all ten of our scavenger hunt items!
  • UPSTAIRS BONUS:For at least part of this time we will have a station for Harry Potter-themed crepes run by our delicious neighbors Paris Creperie. Yum!

SCHEDULED READINGS–take place under the tree in the kids’ section. Story Time will be listening-only; for Roundtable Readings, everyone in the group will take turns reading. Spaces limited!

  • Story Time, 9P.M. All ages are welcome!
  • Roundtable Reading 1, 9:45P.M. Sorcerer’s Stone: Harry rides the Hogwarts Express for the first time.
  • Roundtable Reading 2, 10:30P.M.Deathly Hallows: Harry and Dumbledore talk at King’s Cross.
  • Roundtable Reading 3, 11:15P.M.Deathly Hallows: The Tale of Three Brothers.

SCHEDULED TRIVIAtakes place in our event space downstairs. Spaces limited!

  • Round 1 Seems Easy Enough, 9:15P.M. Equal time given to books & movies.
  • Round 2 This Is Getting Difficult, 10P.M. Light on movies, heavy on books.
  • Round 3 What Even Is the Answer?, 11P.M. Books only, from the darkest recesses of pages you may not have known about.

When the fated hour arrives, we’ll be calling people up in groups by wristband number, so hang onto that, and get ready to feel this way for the first time since Deathly Hallows.



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