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How to Impress Us

by Alex S

It’s not terribly surprising, maybe, that publishers (and especially small publishers, and imprints of large ones) have their own personalities. I think any one of the current four booksellers in the kids’ section could walk you right over to a few of their favorites, just as a consequence of reading a lot and finding that some names almost always fit our individual tastes.

One press we’re all captured by is Nobrow/Flying Eye (the latter being the children’s imprint of the former). Their line is characterized by picture book length titles, paper-over-board hardback binding, and arresting, stylish illustration. As a matter of course, we’re excited when new books from them come in–whether it’s a picture book, a work of nonfiction, or a graphic novel.

Today I want to highlight five of their titles that we love.

1) THE JOURNEY by Francesca Sanna - This increasingly relevant picture book is a wrenching story of refugee flight, told from the perspective of a child.



2) NIGHTLIGHTS by Lorena Alvarez - A brand new graphic novel about a little girl whose vivid imagination is beginning to spill into her waking life, where things aren’t going as well as they could. (I can’t stop looking at this book!)


3) THE WOLVES OF CURRUMPAW by William Grill - A western told in colored pencil, relating the showdown between a naturalist and Lobo, the notorious leader of a livestock-killing wolf pack.


4) HUG ME by Simona Ciraolo - For some reason (in this picture book) no one wants to give this lonely cactus a hug…but someone is out there who is just perfect friendship material.


5) BROWNSTONE’S MYTHOLOGICAL COLLECTION: ARTHUR AND THE GOLDEN ROPE by Joe Todd-Stanton - Delving into his family history, our narrator’s first story is of Arthur, who once met Thor and made a rope to bind the vicious wolf Fenrir.


They’re always coming out with great new stuff–so keep a lookout, and please, ask us what we’ve seen from them lately. It will always mean a good story and a feast for the eyes.



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