Retiring our Membership Program

Retiring our Membership Program

Honoring Current Member Benefits through Expiration

Dear members,

In 2020, during the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched our membership program as a means of gaining financial (and emotional) support in a perilous time. Brookline Booksmith was, like countless other small businesses across the world, challenged by lockdowns and decreased business.

Our membership program was a humble request for the support of our community, and many people who were able to do so answered with enormous generosity. In the four years since then, our doors have reopened, the landscape has changed, and we are seeking ever-new ways to reciprocate our community’s kindness. The membership program, invaluable since the moment of its inception, formed a treasured bond between the Booksmith and our customers.

As we move into new times, the program is being retired. In its wake, we are planning exciting projects at the store, and new opportunities for our customers and readers. Rest assured all current members will receive their benefits (listed here) through their membership expiration dates.

We can’t thank our past and present members enough for financially bolstering the store and raising our spirits in difficult times. Thank you for coming back to us again and again–we can’t wait to see you, as we pave the way with fresh adventures.

With gratitude,

The Booksmith Membership Team