We've permanently moved our in-person events to the street level of our store, making them fully accessible to all!

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Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Our mission and values are the beliefs that define and guide us—from our relationship and interactions with our customers, colleagues, and community to our selection of books, gifts, events, and now delectable food and beverages.

Our Mission

To foster love of the written word,
represent diverse voices and histories,
engage with our community and
inspire conversations that
open minds and enrich lives.

Our Values

Every day we strive to...


Enhance our Community

For almost sixty years, we have found our home in Coolidge Corner, sinking our roots deep into this extraordinary community we love. Throughout that time, we have committed to being innovative, responsive, and nimble to serve our community as a welcoming, comfortable gathering place to explore and discover stories, culture, and global perspectives, during good times as well as challenging ones.


Please visit Our Community page to learn more about our commitment to enhancing our community.

In our customer’s words:

“They hold the neighborhood together.”

“The fact that the Booksmith is usually the busiest place in town says volumes about what that place means to our community.”

Share our Passion for Books

Our warm and knowledgeable booksellers use their connection to, knowledge of, and experience with the written word to get the best books into our customers’ hands.


In our customer’s words:

“They have curatorial expertise with books that people rely on.”

“They open new doors to reading lives.”

Celebrate Diverse Voices

We honor a wide range of voices and ideas and are active stewards in making them accessible to our community and beyond.


In our customer’s words:

“They have interesting books that give you insight into what the discussion is locally and in the world.”

“They have a really great range, from bestsellers to serious literature.”

Build reciprocal relationships

Booksellers, giftsellers, buyers, and customers listen to each other daily, sharing interests, experiences, local knowledge, and global themes. We reflect each other as we rise, adapt, and evolve together.


In our customer’s words:

“They are like someone I’d like to hang out with because I enjoy the pulse they have on the community.”

“They are free, open & receptive but firm in who they are and what they think.”

Inspire meaningful conversation

We foster dialogue on important issues and differing opinions. We believe when people come together for conversation, they grow and learn and change.


In our customer’s words:

“The store reflects…ideals, and engagement…The way they expand the conversation is amazing.”

“TLS has expanded my whole perspective. I have learned empathy and how to walk in others’ shoes.”