Bookshop is an online bookstore with an explicit mission to help promote and financially support the brick-and-mortar bookselling community. Built in collaboration with the American Booksellers Association, independent booksellers, Ingram, and book and magazine publishers.

Brookline Booksmith has its own page on Bookshop. While our physical store is temporarily closed, Bookshop is a place where we can continue to share our passion, our affection, and most importantly, all the great books we suddenly have way too much time to spend reading. It's a place where Bradley and Carl get to lay out their arguments for what poets you ought to read right now. Where Alex can guide you to the books that will help process all these weird new emotions, where Shuchi's Transnational picks can expand your horizon even from inside your four walls. We are adding new lists daily!

Bookshop delivers books directly to your home. If you see our shop name on the top lefthand corner of your browser, you know your purchase is supporting Brookline Booksmith. If you have any questions about your order, please reach out to Bookshop's Operatons Manager, Cosme (

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