April 2, 2020

Brookline and Booksmith have been journeying side by side since 1961.

Over nearly six decades we have striven to be a compass for those who find comfort, enrichment, and joy in books. In order to do our part to keep our staff, customers, family, and world safe in this moment, we will temporarily discontinue fulfilling online orders for you from our store as of Saturday, April 4th, at 6pm. For a little while, our full team of dedicated booksellers will be staying safe at home. We will not be in the store answering your phone calls, recommending and selecting your books and gifts, wrapping them up with care and sending them out to you.


As so many people all around the world have come to realize over this period of separation, we at Booksmith find we are less alone than it seems. We have been deeply moved to learn, all over again, how amazing our customers are. Your outpouring of support and appetite for books has lifted our spirits and kept us working as hard as ever to fulfill orders. The truth is, we need that support more than ever. So, what can you do? As it turns out, a lot, and it’s actually going to be pretty fun!

Here’s what you can do:

Keep shopping with us just like you have been! If you know which books you want, our website https://www.brooklinebooksmith-shop.com/ remains open for business. We will be processing as many online orders as possible with the help of our valued distributor Ingram, who will ship books to you directly on our behalf.

Say you don’t know exactly what you want? You’re missing that personal connection, that inspiration that only a thoughtful, well-read Booksmith bookseller can offer? Trust us, we miss that, too.

Let us introduce to you the virtual Booksmith, https://bookshop.org/shop/brooklinebooksmith. An entirely new experiment in bookselling, Bookshop.org represents a bridge over troubled waters for independents just like us all over the country. It’s a place where we can continue to share our passion, our affection, and most importantly, all the great books we suddenly have way too much time to spend reading. It’s a place where Bradley and Carl get to lay out their arguments for what poets you ought to read right now. Where Alex can guide you to the books that will help process all these weird new emotions, where Shuchi’s Transnational picks can expand your horizon even from inside your four walls.

In the coming days you are going to see even more of what we’ll be offering during these strange times. Some of it will be about bringing you a socially-distanced version of the best of what we’ve always done. Some of it will be brand new. Some of it we haven’t even dreamed up yet! We can’t wait to get started.

To all of our dear customers, neighbors, friends, and family, we wish you to stay connected, keep reading, and keep supporting your local independent bookstore.

Thanks for reading,

Thanks for everything.

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