Wednesday, March 18th 2020

Our bookselling lives have altered, with the usual constant motion of booksellers distilled down to just a handful. Monday, the first day we were closed to the public, it was mostly Bonnie, phone in hand, fielding maybe a dozen book recommendation requests per hour. Book loving neighbors from near and far, reaching out to us over Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She’s been combing through the empty aisles, calling out to the rest of us from around the corner of bookcases, wondering if we can help her find just the right book for all of your states of mind. Take our minds off of all this, some ask. I want to read about worst case scenarios, say others. I want to laugh, I want to cry! And the store phone has been ringing, and customers have come knocking on the front door, calling each and every one of us to duty. Every call, every customer at the door gets our full attention for four, five, ten minutes, more. And online orders have been pouring in, we’ve had to train a few more booksellers on how to process them in order to keep up! The show of support from our beloved customers has been astonishing.

In this truly strange, unsure moment which stretches out before us, what a joy, a gift to still have these opportunities to really help, really connect, and really serve.

Keep the calls coming. We are ready with recommendations over the phone at 617-566-6660, or browse our collection online at If you need us to send the books, we are offering free media mail shipping, so be sure to select that option if you order through our website.

And let us know how you’re doing! When our booksellers aren’t here doing our socially distanced sidewalk bookselling, we’ll be looking for creative ways to spend our time at home. We’d love to hear which books are making your days vivid and interesting, what delicious recipes you’re concocting, what weirdo games you’re playing. Come to think of it, we can help you out there, too! The Giftsmith has all of the self care you could hope for - the spices and incense, skin care products, puzzles and games to keep your family in high spirits.

Just as always and forever, Booksmith’s customers are our inspiration.

Keep in touch and be well.

-Paul Theriault, Newsletter Editor

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